Every Journey Begins with a Single Step

Hello there.  My name is Dixie.  I have a confession.  I am a carboholic.

I love snack foods like chips and Chex mix.  I love pizza and pasta and bread, dear god I really love bread.  I love potatoes; mashed, french fried, sliced and diced and tatertotted.  I actually not big on desserts but I do love cookies, hate making them but love eating them.

I’m also overweight, tired all the time, and just generally feel like garbage.  I had a baby in May of last year and gained more weight than I should have.  Worse than that I broke all the good eating habits I had established pre-pregnancy.  Before I got pregnant I had lost 100 pounds (over many years).  I also had overcome my type II diabetes by eating a diet of reduced carbs, strict portion control and regular exercise.

Then a long time dream finally came true and I found out I was pregnant.  I was very well behaved for the first month.  I didn’t have nausea so I was able to pretty much carry on without much challenge or change.  Then the second month came along and my energy levels changed and I started becoming more lax on my diet.  I stopped exercising altogether.  My weight started increasing at a rapid pace.  I just shrugged and told myself it was okay since I would get back on track after the baby arrived.

Now, eight months later, I am finally taking the first step to get back on track.  I  haven’t been keeping up with checking my blood sugar.  Heck, I hadn’t checked it in at least six months.  When I finally bit the bullet and tested it, it was through the roof.  Not the highest it’s ever been but definitely high enough to motivate me.  I check it after every meal now.  Just that one act has made me more mindful of my overall health.  That one act stimulates me to make better choices throughout the day.  It’s as if by checking my blood sugar I set myself on a certain course for the day and if I skip checking it I fall back to the same old path of bad foods and bad choices.

My first goal is to check at least once a day so that I make better choices and have a better outlook all day long.

My second goal is to make better food choices which in my case means leaning more towards meals that have reduced carbs.

My third goal is to eat five smaller meals throughout the day instead of three larger meals.  The trick with maintaining blood sugar levels is to eat regularly, every 2-3 hours.  If I don’t eat regularly I will drop too low and I don’t want to drop too low or I’ll get cravings.

My goals are based on my behaviors that I have observed and habits that I know I can successfully implement.  I’ve learned what works for me after years of trials and a lot of failures and even some successes.  You can’t succeed without failing so don’t beat yourself up about it.

I can do this.  I hope you come along with me on this journey.  If you are on a similar journey I hope my experiences can offer you some guidance and motivation and maybe even a little wisdom (I think I have at least a little of that).

The biggest obstacle you have to overcome are your own fears and insecurities.  Changing what you put in your mouth is easy.  Changing how much you move your body each day is easy.  Changing the way you perceive yourself and feel about yourself is hard.  Give yourself the time to heal from the inside.  Pat yourself on the back when you succeed, even little victories deserve acknowledgement.  When you resist the temptation to sneak a few bites of <insert trigger food here> tell yourself how proud you are that you overcame that.  Don’t reward yourself with food, you are not a dog.  Do reward yourself with positive affirmations.  “I am going to succeed.”  “I am stronger than my cravings.”  “I can overcome anything I set my mind to.”  Tell yourself what you need to hear.

My main goal with this blog is to use it as a tool to help keep me focused and on track.  I will be talking about my journey as well as posting recipes I’ve made and recipes that I’ve given a low carb makeover.  My secondary goal is to spread the word that certain cases of type II diabetes can be managed and overcome by following a diet of reduced carbs.

I’m ready to start my journey.  Are you ready to start yours?


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